Bed Bug Bites – How Dangerous are they to Humans

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There is good news and bad news when it comes to bed bug bites.

The good news is most people do not experience a severe reaction when they get bitten by a bed bug. While that is good to know, you no doubt want to know just how seriously some people do react to bed bug bites.

You probably won’t feel a bed bug bite when it happens. They are painless and they will likely bite during the night when you are sleeping. So, you won’t see it biting either. The bed bug will inject a fluid into the bite that it creates. This fluid is used to keep the blood from clotting and sealing up the wound. In most cases, the only way that you will know that you have been bit is by the reaction that some people have to this fluid. If you do have a reaction to the fluid, it is likely to be something that is bothersome but not overly problematic. It will be an itchy, irritated and inflamed area of the skin.

However, each person reacts differently. Many people will not have any reaction to the bug bite at all, which makes it harder to know they are even there.

There is no way to tell if you will have a more severe reaction to a bed bug bite until it occurs. You may develop a hard, swollen area on your skin. It will be small and usually looks like a white welt on the skin. If you have this serious of a reaction to the bed bug bite, you will likely have a great deal of itching to go along with it. If you have serious reactions to the bed bug bite they can last from just a few hours to days. It is wise to seek out the
help of a professional when you have these serious reactions to any type of bug bite.

One of the most common signs of bed bug bites
is having three or more bite marks or welts in a row. This is thought to happen because the bed bug will become detached to the area, possibly by the host moving, and will then need to open a new piercing to draw blood from.
One thing to note about the bed bug is that they are different from flea bites. They will not have a red dot in the middle of the bite mark, but will be a solid color throughout the mark. It is important to notice any marks that you may have that are small, bite like marks that you really can not explain.
This can be a sign that there are bed bugs lurking in your bed at night.

Bed bug bites do not commonly cause serious reactions in humans. But, they are annoying enough to cause stresses in our lives as well.
Some people that have experienced bed bugs in their home have problems with sleeping in their beds. They may feel anxiety and worry about the bed bugs, even knowing that they are not going to cause a great deal of damage to them. This fear can lead to insomnia as well.

At an extreme level, bed bugs can cause things like distress and alarm.
At some times, it can also cause delusional parasitosis as well. Here, a person becomes delusional, thinking that they see and feel the bed bugs on their skin. The amount of blood that you will lose because of the bed bug is a very small amount and will likely not affect the host at all. They probably will not notice any feelings caused by this problem.

The bed bug bite that does cause a serve reaction or one that leaves a welt on the skin can become infected if the individual scratches at the area and by doing this, supplies the necessary bacteria to cause the infection in the skin.

The good news is that bed bugs are not known to cause any type of disease.
They are not known to carry and transmit diseases either. This is unlike that of a mosquito that can transmit a disease to its host.

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