Call The Butcher And Create An Island Paradise In Your Kitchen

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Choosing the Right Work Table For The Kitchen Is Vital.

Is your kitchen designed with your needs in mind? Do you feel excited to create or a sense of dread when you walk into your kitchen? A high quality kitchen work table can be the most important factor in your kitchen’s ability to enhance your cooking experience. There are many kitchen products available on the marketplace nowadays to help you to develop into the dominate chef in your home. We have done some homework here on kitchen islands, and have found the highest quality and functionality is in kitchen work tables and butcher blocks. Work tables and butcher blocks come in a variety of sizes, designs and colors to fit any decor and supply the ideal answer for your kitchen.

The most important element to scrutinize when looking at a maple top work table is the finish. You want to look for an oil finish if you are going to be slicing fruits, vegetables and meats on the surface. Choose a wood that is an excellent work surface for food preparation like Maple, which is a closed-pore/tight grained and obviously organic material. Something to keep in mind is to ensure you don’t use a varnished finished surface for slicing foods. Pieces that are completed with varnish are deemed as furniture pieces, and are not to be used for food preparation. With that in mind, let us discuss some work table alternatives for your kitchen.

You can find work tables in a variety of sizes. You can get an all wood kitchen work table with an oil finish. With options ranging from bottom shelves, casters, and drawers, you are sure to discover the size that is correct for you. There are also distinctive color options for the base of the work table, so you can correspond your kitchen work table to your existing kitchen theme. You might also consider the White House Table from John Boos. A very utilitarian feature of this work table is the end grain work surface which helps to reduce and resist nicks and gouges and reduces overall wear and tear. The coved backsplash, includes a lower storage shelf with slats and alternative wicker baskets are just some of the design features you may want to contain into your dwelling’s kitchen. If lack of room is an issue, the Town House Table may be your resolution. It comes in smaller sizes, but other than that, looks much like other kitchen tables.

Butcher Blocks are also an alternative to consider as a kitchen worktable or island . Just in case you’ve never heard of them or if you’re a little unsure, butcher blocks are chef quality (free-standing or counter-top) cutting boards, especially designed for cutting all kinds of meats. Most people employ John Boos blocks as kitchen islands and they can be used as an effective tool for cutting all types of foods, rather than merely meats. The nifty thing about butcher blocks is that you can re-sand and re-oil them every so often and they will look as good as new. This permits you and your family to utilize it for decades.

If your cooking area design and utility is in need of an overhaul, consider a kitchen table or butcher block.
As we’ve talked about, there are many options that will supply you with the flexibility you need for your personal preferences. When you choose the right manufacturer, quality ceases to become an issue and the investment is well worth it because of how much it adds to your kitchen both in regards to design and functionality. The right work table or butcher block will create unforgettable meals for your friends and family.

Lilian McDonald is a product review specialist at A company specializing in John Boos and Coolaroo brand products.

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