Comparing Different Tankless Water Heaters

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If you’re planning to buy an on demand water heater
, then you’ll probably feel overwhelmed as soon as you start investigating the heaters available on the market. There seems to be an almost infinite stream of products, all of them making the same glowing claims. How can you possibly tell which tankless water heaters will work in your region of the country, for a home with your water needs and with your voltage or gas supplies? One of the best ways to get real life performance information is by finding online user reviews.

The reviews will tell you much about how a tankless water heater actually works for people in real life, totally apart from the advertising and predictions. And you’ll learn other things too, like how easy or difficult they are to install, and what extra and unexpected costs can emerge.

For example, if you’re interested in the Bosch tankless water heater, the Aquastar 125B, then you might visit and discover many reviewer comments about how hard it might be to install and how much maintenance it requires. That could make you reconsider this specific heater.

Some of the big review sites, like, deal more with electronic devices than things like tankless water heaters, so other websites might serve better. At you’ll find a couple of small reviews that could start you off. This site rates the Takagi Flash T-H1 electric water heater as the best whole-house heater on the market, and the site also gives a lot of detail on both the pros and cons, and directs you to other articles and reviews. That’s the kind of in-depth analysis that can really help you.

Tankless water heaters are a big investment in your home, and you don’t want to make your decision without a lot of thought and careful consideration of all the factors. Even if you’ve narrowed your choices down based on the specifications for certain heaters, reading about the real-life experiences of others with specific tankless gas or electric water heaters can be the final push toward or away from any individual choice. What the advertiser says on paper and how these heaters work in real life can sometimes be two very different things. You’ll want to know about actual rather than theoretical performance.

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